Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns is known as “America’s Ride-Thru Cave” for good reason. It was spotted in 1862 by a farmer in the Ozarks – or, to be more exact, by his dog, which crept through a small opening in a hillside to get there. The first exploration of the cave did not take place until five years later, when 12 women from Springfield, MO area responded to a newspaper advertisement seeking explorers and journeyed into the cave. Today, their names can still be found carved into a cave wall.

Because the natural beauty of Fantastic Caverns is in danger of being destroyed, the cave is only accessible by Jeep-drawn trams. Because you ride the entire length of Fantastic Caverns, you get to enjoy the vastness, the stillness, and the splendor of the caverns while also helping to preserve its natural features. The importance of prudent management cannot be overstated. The cave’s preservation initiatives assure that it will be accessible to future generations for exploration. Fantastic Caverns, located just northwest of Springfield, MO, is one of more than 7,300 known caves that dot the Missouri terrain, with additional caves still being discovered. Fantastic Caverns is one of the most visited caves in the world. It’s no surprise that Missouri is referred to as “The Cave State.”

Great Caves of the Ozarks, also known as America’s Ride-Thru Cave, is located beneath the undulating Ozarks hills northwest of Springfield. Near Branson, Missouri, and about an hour north of the city, this North American cavern provides a truly ride-through cave experience. It is located roughly 5 miles off Historic Route 66. Trams drawn by Jeeps that are fueled by propane go along the path left by an old underground river. All-riding trams transport visitors through a one-mile tour path, giving them a close-up view of stunning cave formations like as gigantic columns that reach from floor to ceiling, fragile soda straws sparkling with minerals, and tiny cave pearls buried in crystal clear water.

It’s not necessary to walk, and the trams are fitted with pull-out ramps to allow wheelchairs, making the tour accessible to all guests, including senior visitors, parents with young children, and people with physical difficulties, among others. Fantastic Caverns is a year-round natural cave attraction that is open in all weather conditions. The temperature within Fantastic Caverns is consistently around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) throughout the year. We’ll board your group on the next free ride-thru expedition as soon as you arrive at Fantastic Caverns and pick up your tickets.

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